I am a PhD candidate at the Geneva Observatory, where I work with Prof. David Ehrenreich and many other scientists. I am also a member of the NCCR PlanetS collaboration.

My main research topic is the detection and characterization of extra-solar planets, more specifically their upper atmospheres. I am also interested in solving problems related to the observation and description of stellar atmospheres and developing scientific software for the astronomical community. The main instruments I use in my research are high-resolution and/or space-based spectrographs.

My full list of publications can be found on ADS. Here are some highlights:

You can also look me up on ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-2248-3838 and Google Scholar.

Upcoming conferences I plan to attend:

Occasionally I write software in Python and random scripts for astronomical research. Here are some that I think could be useful for other people:

  • radial: Pure Python code for working with radial velocities of stars with a companion (checkout the tutorial notebooks here).

  • sunburn: Data analysis package of HST far-UV spectra. Feature requests are very welcome! (shoot me an email or post an issue)

  • onza: Transiting exospheres

  • ESO unpack: Did you just download dozens of GBs of data from ESO’s archive? This script can help you unpack the data.

I wrote summaries of interesting astronomical articles for Astrobites between 2015 and 2017. Here are some of my favorite posts: